The Edible Complex is a comedy about ten-year-old Anna, who dreams of being a chef. She is also becoming aware of how her body is different from others at school. One day she decides to stop eating, but it’s hard to ignore your food when it starts talking to you!

Commissioned by Plan-B Theatre as part their annual Free Elementary School Tour. First performed in the fall of 2016, The Edible Complex was seen by roughly 15,000 Utah school children across 7 counties and 42 schools. All photos here are from the Plan-B production, directed by Cheryl Ann Cluff and designed by Aaron Swenson, featuring Anne Louise Brings as Anna and Dee-Dee Darby Duffin as Everything Else. Photos by Rick Pollock. 

"The Edible Complex, the fourth annual installment in Plan-B Theatre’s Free Elementary School Tour (FEST), excels at every challenge of making good children’s theater.... Grounded in credible, respected research and written without a tone of preaching, the story speaks clearly to kids but also to parents and teachers as well, reminding them that children should never be underestimated for how they listen and respond to the communication cues, whether they be at home, school or in the media." — Les Roka, The Utah Review

"So, my mom told me that we were going to go see show called The Edible Complex. She told me what the show was about and I was really excited. We were recently talking about food and the food groups. I was comparing myself to some other kids in school. Was I skinny enough? Was I healthy enough? Seeing The Edible Complex made me feel a lot better about myself.... I think people should see the show because it’s educational. It has a great message: No matter if you’re thin or small, or short or tall, just be happy and eat healthy." — 9-year-old Presley Josephine Caywood's review of the show

“Jackson upper grade kids got to see the production of The Edible Complex. They loved it – it was engaging and so developmentally appropriate!” — Michelle Grutter, Vice Principal, Jackson Elementary