In the fall of 1850, Tamson English has been alone with three young children on the Western frontier for more than a year. Food is running short, and there is no sign of the settlers who should have relieved her months ago. Haunted by guilt over an extramarital affair, Tamson convinces herself that God has trapped her in the wilderness as a punishment for her sins. When she prays for a reprieve, an old friend appears at her door—but it’s hard to know whether his coming is a miracle or a curse.

Emilie Starr as Tamson and Matthew Sincell as James in Plan-B Theatre's Script-in-Hand reading of MOUNTAIN LAW March 7, 2018.

MOUNTAIN LAW received a staged reading March 7, 2018 as part of Plan-B Theatre's annual Script-in-Hand series. The reading was directed by Morag Shepherd featuring Emilie Starr as Tamson, Matthew Sincell as James, and Calbert Beck as Howard. Sound design and stage management by Joe Killian. Special thanks to dramaturgs Shelley T. Graham and Janine Sobeck Knighton and historian Brittany Chapman Nash. 

“MOUNTAIN LAW has gripping and lyrical language. It's a historical piece that lives in immediacy, which I find all great historical scrips must find a way to do. Larson also plays with time in space in beautiful and unexpected ways throughout the story, and gives us three vibrant and complex characters. Very well written, highly recommend!” — Rachel Bublitz, on the New Play Exchange