IM Flash — “Hero”

Another fun video I wrote for IM Flash, about how they continually take the big boys in memory by surprise. 


IM Flash — “Three Cool Facts”

For the past couple of months I have been doing some freelance scripting on the side, including a series of videos for tech leader IM Flash. This is the first video from that series, presenting cool facts about IM Flash and the memory chips they make. 


Better Business Bureau — “Shedding Light”


Early in 2017 I was approached by producer Jessica Mockett to write a national spot for the Better Business Bureau. They were looking for a friendly, trustworthy narrator character to help people better understand the BBB and their mission. One of their logos is a torch, so I thought it would be cool to have a narrator walk through scenes and literally turn a light on, making the scene brighter—just as the BBB does for its customers. I think it turned out pretty well. 


iJane Episode 1: “Getting Started”

While I was the Senior Content Specialist at iTOK, a company that specialized in helping seniors better understand and employ their technology, I had an idea for a comedy web series aimed at that audience. 36 episodes of "iJane" later, I'm very proud of the result. Bonus: it was a hit with our customer base. 


Digity — “Make the Most of Your Tech”

Another project I did at iTOK. Digity was their small business branch, aimed at helping small business owners better manage their technology.