Emma Hauck realizes that her husband's political ambitions are changing him—and their marriage. She finds refuge in her writing, and in the unexpected friendship of a new servant. As both relationships grow more complex, Emma must face difficult truths about herself that she never knew existed. Inspired by a heartbreaking true story, this new play explores the intersection between marriage, illness, and the power of a pencil.

A 2016 O'Neill National Playwrights Conference Semifinalist, SWEETHEART COME has been read in Plan-B Theatre's Lab (2016) and workshopped in Brigham Young University's Writer/Dramaturg/Actor Workshop (2014).

Over the 2017-2018 season, Mel workshopped the play with director Mark Fossen at PYGmalion Productions in Salt Lake City, culminating in a staged reading at PYG in April 2018. PYG will stage the play on its 2018-2091 season (more details to follow). 

Special thanks to a whole lot of excellent people for helping this play to thrive and grow: 

At BYU, professors Janine Sobeck Knighton and George Nelson and the students in their fall 2014 WDA class.

In Plan-B Theatre's Lab, artistic director Jerry Rapier and managing director Cheryl Ann Cluff, as well as 2016 lab members Julie Jensen, Jenifer Nii, Debora Threedy, Eric Samuelsen, Matthew Ivan Bennett, Elaine Jarvik, Morag Shepherd, Rob Tennant, Carleton Bluford, and Austin Archer. Actors: Susanna Florence, Jay Perry, and Alex Ungerman. 

At PYGmalion Productions, artistic director Fran Pruyn, director Mark Fossen and assistant director Suni Gigliotti, dramaturgs Shelley T. Graham and Janine Sobeck Knighton, and actors Hayleigh Royall, Lane Richins, Roger Dunbar, Emilie Starr, Michael Johnson, and Dan Beecher.