(in)divisible opens this week!


I didn't want to write about the election. I was too stunned by the outcome. But it turns out that those are the times I need to write—when things are tough or just inexplicable. I need to try to sort through them. Figure them out, even if it's in a semi-fictional situation, so that I can better understand what's going on. 

But as necessary as it was, I wasn't keen on the idea when Jerry and Cheryl at Plan-B proposed that the Lab playwrights each write short pieces responding to the election. The goal, as I understood it, was to take a walk in someone else's shoes and really try to get a sense of where they are coming from—to look at some of the stark political divides troubling our country and try to explore them fairly from all sides. At first I grumbled. There were rules, and a deadline. It felt like homework. The rules: 1) none of the candidates could be mentioned or even alluded to because when they are mentioned, listening ceases; and 2) everything had to be rooted in real-life experience.

I struggled and I pouted. It was a difficult assignment. But now, somehow, I have 2 5-minute plays—one from a conservative character, and one from a liberal—and they go together. Both halves are necessary. They are a complete story together, and that's life. Real and hard and complicated. Hopefully interesting. 

Now all of these short plays, written by some incredibly smart and cool individuals, have been woven together in an evening of reader's theatre directed by Jerry Rapier. Tickets are free but need to be reserved in advance. Performances run June 8 - 11 and 15 - 18 at the Studio Theatre.

More information at planbtheatre.org.

Reserve your free tickets at Eventbrite. I think there are a few left for the run, which opens this week Thursday. Better grab them quick if you haven't already! And hey—even if tickets aren't available, chances are good you can come at 7:30 and waitlist.