Featured Writer at SEGULLAH

SEGULLAH is an online journal featuring the writing and art of LDS women. From their mission statement: "We publish insightful writings and images which explore life’s richness and complexity while reflecting faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to highlight a variety of women’s perspectives within a framework of shared beliefs and values." 

Earlier this year I was excited and flattered when Segullah asked me to be their featured writer for the spring quarter. They are completely online now, and they were totally open to publishing excerpts from several plays. I also did an interview with them to get the ball rolling. Here are links to the pieces they published. But you should wander around on the site and check it out; there are a lot of lovely things to see and read. 

March 2017 - Featured Writer Interview and Pilot Program excerpt

April 2017 - Little Happy Secrets excerpt

May 2017 - Sweetheart Come excerpt